Duathlon Results 14/05/15

Well done to everyone who came out to marshall, support and take part in last night’s duathlon.

Certainly more chilly than our last outing, which is probably why Alan decided to warm us all up with a 1/14/1 taking in Limber Hill and Binkbrook.

This time Gary T was pipped by a returning Shaun R who, despite protesting his lack of running, still managed to hold off the Chairman by 5 seconds thanks to a stonking bike leg.

Hopefully we’ll see a rematch later in the season when “The Grueller” 2-14-2 returns!

Run Bike Run Final
Ann 00:07:51 00:53:41 00:08:33 1:10:05
Jo 00:07:51 00:55:12 00:08:46 1:11:49
Mark 00:07:47 00:48:05 00:08:10 1:04:02
Chris M 00:08:05 00:47:36 00:09:49 1:05:30
Richard 00:07:43 00:47:06 00:08:35 1:03:24
Chris G 00:06:00 00:47:47 00:08:10 1:01:57
Kate 00:07:21 00:45:22 00:07:40 1:00:23
Karen 00:07:32 00:43:34 00:07:59 0:59:05
Helen 00:07:05 DNF DNF
Alan 00:07:12 00:48:15 00:08:39 1:04:06
Gary T 00:05:45 00:39:34 00:05:56 0:51:15
Shaun 00:06:42 00:37:21 00:07:07 0:51:10
Dave R 00:06:52 00:41:18 00:08:05 0:56:15
Andrew 00:07:15 00:43:45 00:10:40 1:01:40
Ali B DNR 01:09:39 DNR
Ruth DNR 01:09:42 DNR

Helen’s DNF on the bike is a tad unfair, since she did actually complete the ride, albeit she decided to take a more scenic route than the one posted.

Thanks again to Shane and Tony for marshalling, to Sarah for the timekeeping, to all the supporters who came out to cheer on and generally harrass us all through transition,  and , of course, to Alan for organising another fun event.

Ladies Duathlon Results

The Grimsby Tri inaugural ladies duathlon took place last night at the Clickem Inn. It was very well attended and excellent performances from all.

Many thanks to Marshals Nina and Ian,  Gary and Charles, and to Alan for setting up, and Kate for rider support.

We hope to see you all again soon.

Name        Run         Bike       Run       Total time
Lesley P    9.05        35.43      9.56      54.04
Kate S      6.55        33.81      7.56      48.02
Barbara B   7.15        36.33      8.00      51.48
Susan H      –          44.40       –
Katrina     8.38        37.02      10.09     56.30
Mary C      7.25        Mechanical 6.46
June T      8.45        36.55      10.90     56.30
Diane P     7.47        39.00      7.53      54.40
Karen M     9.02        55.17      9.31      1.13.50
Ann M       8.18        47.82      8.25      1.04.25
Key         7.42        35.75      10.13     53.30
Ali B        –          40.07       –
Miriam B    8.15        44.20      9.23      1.01.58
Leah        7.02        36.15      8.23      51.40
Jo F        7.47        48.53      8.25      1.04.25
Roz J       8.38        50.59      12.40     1.11 37
Gail        –           54.10       –

Duathlon Results 23/04/15

What a start to the season. Perfect weather for the first Duathlon and a great turnout.


The course was a 1m run / 10m bike / 1m run. Shaun and Helen opted for a relay and Dave R biked only. Despite protesting not being “bike fit”, our Chairman still managed to show everyone a clean pair of heels.

Run Bike Run Final
Chris H 00:07:10 00:35:58 00:08:28 00:51:36
Elaine 00:07:44 00:39:21 00:09:11 00:56:16
Richard 00:06:31 00:31:43 00:07:36 00:45:50
Bob 00:07:44 00:29:31 00:08:35 00:45:50
Alan 00:07:21 00:32:14 00:08:09 00:47:44
Shane 00:06:00 00:31:00 00:06:40 00:43:40
Andrew 00:06:37 00:30:17 00:07:01 00:43:55
Gavin 00:07:04 00:31:20 00:09:21 00:47:45
Kate 00:06:35 00:34:52 00:07:31 00:48:58
Karen 00:07:34 00:34:43 00:07:49 00:50:06
Gary T 00:05:24 00:30:07 00:06:19 00:41:50
Ali B 00:09:14 00:39:40 00:10:08 00:59:02
Ann 00:07:44 00:38:28 00:07:58 00:54:10
Shaun/Helen 00:06:35 00:27:33 00:07:09 00:41:17
Dave DNR 00:29:35 DNR

As always, a big thank you to everyone who came to marshall and support this event, plus thanks to David Herriott for taking some great photos and sharing them on the club facebook group.

A special mention of thanks also to Alan and Sarah for organising this event.

Next Duathlon is a ladies only affair run by Karen Hames on 7th May.


Just a quick reminder that our first duathlon of the summer series is this Thursday starting at 7pm from the Click’em Inn, Binbrook. Please try and support this event in any way you can by either competing, timing or marshalling. Cost  is free to all paid up members and is excellent preparation for your racing season.

Revised Duathlon Dates

Dear members,

The previous post with the duathlon dates on is incorrect as these were last years. Please find revised dates below for 2015.

Event dates-all events will start at 7pm from the Clicked Inn, Binbrook

Thursday April 23rd

Thursday May 14th

Thursday June 4th

Thursday June 25th

Thursday July 16th

Thursday August 13th

Thursday September 3rd


Dear members,

The following dates have been provided by Alan Cook who has for his sins kindly elected to take over the running of the traditional Grimsby-tri duathlon series. Please try and support these events and let myself or Alan know if you can help out/marshal at any of the events. We have decided to go with fewer events this year in the hope that they will be supported with more people-the focus will be on quality not quantity. All the races will commence from the Clicked Inn, Binbrook. The actual race distances will be confirmed on the night and be subject to weather conditions. The series has two cycle loops a 10 and 14 miler and the run is an out and back distance varying from 1 to 2 miles-maps of these are on the web-site and you should familiarise yourself with these before racing if you are a novice. Please try and support these events as they are ideal preparation for any triathlon/duathlon event and will get you used to transitions from bike to run. Could I also encourage you to please support the pub as they give us kind permission to use their facilities and it is important that we at least stop for a drink and reminisce on what could have been during the race !!

Event dates-all events will start at 7pm

Thursday April 22nd

Thursday May 12th

Thursday June 3rd

Thursday June 24th

Thursday July 15th

Thursday August 12th

Thursday September 2nd

Thanks in anticipation

Gary Thomas

Masters Swimming in Grimsby


Tri Club Dinner Update

Thanks to all those who have contacted me about the club dinner.

I will send out the menu nearer the time for you to make choices. In the meantime if there are any other members attending please let me know by Monday 23rd February .

The date is Friday 27th February 7.30pm for 8pm dinner.

Many thanks,

Karen H.

Grimsby Tri Club Dinner

Karen Hames is organising a club dinner at the Millhouse, Covenham.

Provisional date is Friday 27th Feb. We need a minimum of 20 people, cost will be £16 per head for 2 courses.

Anyone interested, please contact Karen ASAP by email karenhames@btinternet.com


Dear Members,

Club subscriptions are now due and although not set at last AGM I have made the executive decision to reduce the yearly amount to £10 in lieu of the fact that our over heads are minimal eg  £105 for BTA membership and £30 for CTC membership which are all paid up for 2014-15. This is still a bargain considering that this entitles members to the swim sessions at Havelock pool every Monday and entry to the spring-summer duathlon races. Please go on the about us tab on the homepage and click on membership form. Can all members old or new please fill out the form and make bank transfer (account details are given on this form). Many thanks for your continued support and lets hope the club has a successful 2015 !!


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