Swimming will not be on at Havelock pool from this Monday 3rd August until 7th September due to the school/CADS summer break


Apologies the last post should say that the 6th August date has changed to the 20th of August. So the next duathlon will be on 20th August.


Dear members,

A few important updates to inform you-

-Next duathlon date has CHANGED as me and Alan are away on holiday, so the one due on 13th August has been moved forward one week to Thursday 20th August. The duathlon on 3rd September will stay as it is-it is proposed to hold a small buffet in the Click’em Inn to celebrate the end of the series-details to follow.

-Club kit has been ordered-I have bought a range of sizes for both male and female and these will be ready for the beginning of October.

-Speed sessions on a Thursday will no longer continue due to lack of support.


Gary T

Just for the record

We thought that other members might be interested in a race report of Tony Ogden’s recent experience of the Outlaw Triathlon.

I did my first triathlon in 1989 and graduated up to ironman distance by completing The Longest Day in Wolverhamption in 1996 and 1999. In those days, there was only one ironman distance event each year in the UK, and a race with 100 competitors was a big field.

When the golden handcuffs (ie married life) and the kids came along I took a break of 11 years from triathlon before waking up to the realisation that I had not felt quite the same since and so I signed up for the very first Outlaw triathlon in 2010. When I told Mrs O, she gave me one of those motivational one-liners that only a long term partner can- “You idiot, you’ll never do it.” That seemed reason enough. I also did it in 2012.

This year’s performance marks my 50th year, and 26 years since my first triathlon, which just goes to show that if it is worth doing, then it is worth doing badly.

web-AUTA0956 web-OUTD3567

web-OUTC0863 web-OUTF3974

Just for the record books, I managed to complete The Outlaw yesterday in a time of 13:02:55. It was my best time for the course by 22 seconds. 53rd out of 101 finishers in my age group- there has to be some advantages to turning 50- and 588 out of 986 finishers overall. No dramas, just slow!

Thanks for the report Tony.

If any other members want to share their recent race experiences, please forward your report to Gary T.



Duathlon Results

Sorry for the delay but duathlon results can be found by clicking onto the link below. Many thanks to all Marshalls and competitors who turned out.

Duathlon results 16th july2015

The next duathlon is on August 6th but both myself and Alan are away on holiday so could I please ask for  volunteer/s to help run and set out next event otherwise the date will be postponed/changed. Contact me at gary-thomas1@hotmail.co.uk


Samples for the new kit have arrived so will bring to swimming on Monday evening and to Duathlon event this Thursday for you to try sizes etc… before making out your order-new design is shown below


If you wish to make an order then please let me know ASAP either by e-mail or by face


Duathlon Results – 2nd July 2015

It looked like a record turnout on a warm evening yesterday with 19 members and visitors taking part.

Due to the weather our Race Director wisely decided to shorten the planned route to a 1/10/1 format. Judging by everyone’s condition at the end of the evening I’d say that was a good call on Alan’s part.



Results below show visiting Louth Tri member Jon Bromfield romping away with a cracking time of 37:38! Well done Jono and good luck at the Europeans in Geneva later this month.

Run Bike Run Final
Alan 00:07:25 00:30:27 00:08:03 0:45:55
Ann 00:07:45 00:38:59 00:08:33 0:55:17
Bacardi 00:06:18 00:37:07 00:07:01 0:50:26
Will 00:06:21 00:33:01 00:07:24 0:46:46
Gavin 00:07:06 00:30:14 00:09:10 0:46:30
Kate 00:07:02 00:32:46 00:07:42 0:47:30
Richard P 00:07:17 00:32:03 00:07:57 0:47:17
Clive 00:07:23 00:36:22 00:08:35 0:52:20
Chris 00:07:44 00:34:52 00:10:11 0:52:47
Jono 00:05:14 00:26:43 00:05:41 0:37:38
Shane 00:05:58 00:29:47 00:06:45 0:42:30
Phil 00:06:47 00:31:01 00:07:35 0:45:23
Pete G 00:06:52 00:29:23 00:08:30 0:44:45
Scott 00:06:36 00:28:24 00:07:24 0:42:24
Jack 00:06:18 00:29:12 00:07:55 0:43:25
Dave R 00:06:30 00:32:45 00:07:15 0:46:30
Daniel 00:05:56 00:29:20 00:06:33 0:41:49
Mike 00:06:25 00:30:15 00:06:54 0:43:34
Richard V 00:06:15 00:32:27 00:07:44 0:46:26

As always, good to see a ot of new faces and thanks to the marshalls, timekeepers and supporters who made this event possible. Also, thanks to David H for taking another set of great pictures.

Please make a note that the next event is only 2 weeks away on 16th July.

Will we see a return of “The Grueller” for a Shaun/Gary showdown? Let’s see.




Quick reminder that duathlon is this week at Click’em Inn as per usual-unsure of the distance-all will be revealed on Thursday!! -prompt as it may be the biggy-7pm

A big thank you to Charlie Boardman and the Saucy Fish Company who have kindly sponsored the new kit to the tune of £200 which will be used to subsidise every purchase made by members. I am currently waiting for samples and when I have them will bring to events for members to try


C01803A_M_TRISUIT_MU_062215.1Dear members,

Please give me feedback on new kit version two and let me know which you prefer-this one or previous or neither with suggestions before I go to press !!

E-mail me at gary-thomas1@hotmail.co.uk


Dear members,

This weeks duathlon-Thursday 25th June is postponed due to a clash with the National Cycling Championship event at Cadwell Park which many members are attending. It will be rescheduled for next week instead-2nd July.

I have requested samples for the new kit so if they arrive by next week I will bring them to the duathlon for sizing etc




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